L.A. Laser Facial Rejuvenation

The dramatic rejuvenating effects that until recently were attainable only through plastic surgery can now be achieved WITHOUT surgery. Today's laser technology enables Dr. Bahari to perform ablative and non-ablative skin resurfacing without most of the risks inherent to surgery. There is no general anesthesia, no hospitalization and little - or NO - downtime involved.

The two most valuable technologies used for Laser Facial Rejuvenation in L.A.: Fraxel and Fractional CO2 produce excellent results. There is one significant difference between them. Fraxel is non-ablative which means that it rejuvenates the skin from the inside out. Fractional CO2 is ablative meaning it improves the outer layer of the skin directly. Consequently, Fraxel is significantly gentler and requires several treatments to produce desired results. Fractional CO2 is the more aggressive approach that produces dramatic results usually in just one treatment. No matter which one you choose, the results they produce are equally impressive.

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