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Spider Vein Removal in L.A.

What Are Spider Veins?

Spider veins are not considered a medical problem, merely a cosmetic one. They tend to have a bright color either red, blue or purple and are clearly visible through the skin. They're easy to recognize because they form distinct patterns known as tree branch®, sun burst® or matting® (a set of random lines).

Spider veins have the same causes as varicose veins: they can be caused by prolonged standing; excessive lifting; obesity; pregnancy and genetics. In addition, excessive sun exposure and / or injury may cause spider veins to form, as well.

Non-Surgical Spider Vein Removal

Dr. Bahari uses Asclera (polidocanol), FDA-approved injectable, sclerosing medication for the removal of spider veins. (Unlike other sclerosing injections, Asclera also has an anesthetic effect which provides an added benefit to patients: the treatment is less stressful.) Asclera has a 40 year safety record in Europe where it has been used successfully in over 5 million spider vein removal treatments.

How Does Asclera Work?

As a sclerosing agent, Asclera causes the walls of a spider vein to constrict and eventually close effectively disconnecting it from the circulatory system. That's not a cause for concern: legs have many veins and once the damaged one is closed, the healthy ones take over its function. When the blood circulates through healthy veins and capillaries you'll experience relief from discomfort and your skin will no longer be discolored. (Asclera is used primarily on the legs.)

Spider Veins BEFORE Treatment with Asclera

Spider Veins AFTER Treatment with Asclera

Is Asclera Spider Vein Removal Appropriate for Everyone?

It is an excellent treatment for most patients but not for all. Patients who suffer from vascular disease, some blood conditions and those on certain prescription drugs shouldn®t be treated with Asclera, or any other sclerosing agents. Pregnant women and patients allergic to polidocanol are not good candidates for the treatment, either.

What Does Asclera Spider Vein Removal Involve?

Dr. Bahari will cleanse the area to be treated and may apply a topical anesthetic. Then he®ll inject Asclera into the offending spider vein. The treatment is performed in the doctor®s office and takes 30 to 40 minutes.

Recovery after Asclera Spider Vein Removal

Most patients are able to resume their usual activities right after the treatment. In all cases, the patient will need to wear a compression stocking on the treated for a couple of days.

What Results To Expect After Asclera Spider Vein Removal?

The reaction to Asclera treatment varies from one individual to another. Most patients achieve the desired outcome after a single treatment; some may require two or three. The results of Asclera Spider Vein Removal can be evaluated by Dr. Bahari a few days after the treatment.

What Risks Are There?

The risks inherent to the treatment with Asclera are very small: they include a very tiny possibility of allergic reaction. Dr. Bahari will take all necessary precautions to minimize potential risks.

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